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Bee One of A Kind



Hi all For those who know me well, know that I am a) obsessed with coffee and b) love harping on about natural products and c) that my name actually means "honeybee"... So it felt only natural that I put my passion, interests and instincts to good use and introduce Bee one of a kind.

Bee one of a kind was established in 2014, after I was becoming exhausted with all the unpronounceable words listed in the ingredients of common skincare products. With my background in Natural Therapies, I set about pursuing my own natural range of products, that were not only safe for my family and friends, but that were simple, yet sophisticated for everyone, for everyday use.

Bee one of a kind has a strong focus on producing not only beautiful products, but delivering a down to earth, humble and non pretentions customer relation experience. My belief is that the customer journey does not just begin and end with the actual product, it's about an overall experience and personal fulfilment from the very beginning.

Using locally sourced ingredients, (where possible) bee one of a kind is a strong advocate for Mother Nature and relying on her pantry to create beautiful skincare. Natural remedies that have been used for centuries, simply because they work! Why would you need anything else, and why would you want your body’s largest organ (the skin) to absorb anything other than 100% natural goodness?!

Sustainability and eco friendliness is another key element here at Bee one of a kind and we do our best to package our products in 100% recyclable and reusable materials. Bee one of a kind firmly believes in contributing to a zero waste world and it starts with you at home. Whether you make the switch to all natural skincare, or replacing plastic, or even just becoming more aware, every little bit helps.

Here at bee one of a kind, I, Melissa Mendes, take great pride in presenting to you my personal range, but also my story, my journey and adventures of all things Motherhood, skincare creator and girl next door - doing her bit to be one of a kind.

“I like my people like I like my skincare; non toxic”


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